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White Lights, LLC

Full-Service Christmas Lighting

(Exclusively Serving Lee's Summit MO)

a SIMPLE process

with ELEGANT results

leaves a JOYOUS feeling

It doesn't get any easier.

The process is SIMPLE.


Get a no hassle, FREE estimate with honest pricing.


No gimmicks or hidden costs.


Choose your LED bulb.


Choose your lighting package.

That's it! We take care of the rest with professional installation, bulb maintenance, removal and year-round storage. It doesn't get any easier!


Choose your BULB.

We offer two LED bulbs for those who want an elegant modern look:

Warm White and Pure White


Both LED bulbs are highly luminous yet low-energy.


With a steady burn each C7 bulb uses only 0.80 watts making the energy consumption for lighting a typical home less than 100 watts. 

Our Warm White LED bulbs are a great option if you prefer the traditional incandescent look.

Our Pure White LED bulbs are a true white. Have no fear, they do NOT have that annoying blue tint

Choose your DESIGN.

With three design options we have something for everyone.

BASIC: Our Basic Design lights up your front roof-line including gutters and peaks.


DELUXE: Our Deluxe Design brings the lower half of your house to life with added vertical lights and garage door wraps (optional).


PREMIUM: Our Premium Design is only for those who want to be the envy of the neighborhood. 

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