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Deluxe and Premium Packages may require us to attach small clear clips around doors and windows that REMAIN ATTACHED TO YOUR HOUSE after lights are removed. 



We are NOT a retailer, so we DO NOT sell our lights.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question - Do I need to purchase lights from a store?


Answer - No. We provide and install our own commercial grade lights.


Question - Will the price be lower next year? Most quotes I've gotten are higher the first year since I am purchasing the lights.


Answer - Beware of companies who sell the lights on top of the installation cost. They promise a lower price next year because you're purchasing the lights this year. Many of these companies never come back to take lights down.


We only charge for the installation, so our price is the same each year.


You can save money by taking advantage of several discounts. Donate a grocery bag of food to our annual food drive for a 15% discount. Or refer a neighbor and you could save up to $50.


Learn more about these discounts by using these links:


Food Drive Pledge -


Referral Promo -

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