For garage doors, windows, front door and/or vertical lines we typically use a small clear clip that is attached to your house. These clips REMAIN after lights are removed. We use this method instead of stapling to eliminate the damage caused by stapling year-after-year. Each clip is sealed with waterproof caulk.



Please keep in mind, we are a lighting service. You are not purchasing lights from us. The price on your estimate is for installation, bulb replacement service, removal and one year of storage.


Purchase a Thanksgiving Guarantee and we will install lights on your home in time to flip the switch Thanksgiving night or the installation will be absolutely FREE.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Question - Do you provide the lights or do I need to purchase them from a store and give them to you?


Answer - We are a turn-key service meaning once you're ready, we do the rest. We provide our own commercial grade lights that are custom fit to your house. This link will tell you more:


Question - Are these prices for the first year or every year? Most quotes I've gotten are higher for the first year since I am paying for them to purchase lights too?


Answer - The base price remains the same each year. This is because you are paying for our services - installation, maintenance, removal and storage. You are not buying our lights. Beware of companies who promise a lower price the following year because the first year you're "paying for the lights". We get multiple dozens of calls every year from people needing the lights they "bought" removed because no one came back to take them down.


We do, however, offer several discounts you can take advantage of this year and next. For example, donate a grocery bag of food to our annual food drive for a 15% discount. Or refer a neighbor and you could save up to $50. You can find more info about these discounts by using these links:


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